Dream with God

Visions anew,
New art,
New science,
New solutions too.
See a problem,
Look with your eyes,
Do what you do,
And empathize.
Help each other,
Deny thyself,
Not thy brother.
Kingdom principles,
Drawn down from above.
Applied here on earth,
Descend like a dove.
Anointed He walked,
Reached out, met needs.
Be teachable and learn,
Follow Him, discern.
Level up,
Use your game theory,
Not virtually,
But in reality.
The Book, His Spirit,
Your soul, His mind,
You sow, You water,
He grows, Be kind.
You reap,
Much later,
Same place,
Much greater.
Don’t like the fruit?
Look for the root.
Cut off by repentance,
Don’t hold a penchant.
Bind away, to the abyss,
The evil spirit,
Named by discernment.
Bound in Jesus’ Name,
Sent to the abyss.
Don’t leave the place empty,
Or it’ll be worse than it is.
Fill the void,
With the Spirit
Of the Living God.
Turn and live.
Turn around,
Seek the opposite,
Use Counterintelligence.
You know enemy tactics,
Now help others out of it,
Humility and grace,
No blame, no shame.
Flesh and blood,
Do not oppose.
Forces of evil,
Go after those.
Discern with your nose,
Eyes and ears.
Let Holy Spirit reveal it.
Listen to your gut,
Vibrations abound.
Enemy uses fear,
God leads in peace.
Stand in His Name,
Command and decree,
Jesus paid the price,
Use His authority.
Pray for each other,
All around the world.
We have one common enemy,
The devil and his hoard.
Humankind, we are one.
Jesus came to save us.
His work is done.
On the cross He said,
“It is finished!”
Bride, now it’s your turn.
Enforce what Jesus gained
Back from the enemy,
For He soon comes again.
Look to the parables,
See what they say.
They’re in there to teach us,
They show us The Way.
Every one said differently,
A new attempt to see,
A kingdom truth presented,
In love for you and me.
His Spirit fills each saved one,
Only yield to Him alone,
Be possessed by His presence,
Come boldly before His throne.
Take possession of your calling,
Your dominion’s here on earth.
He knows all things, you small one,
His confidence helps you birth.
Holy Spirit coaches, guides,
You no more run and hide.
Awake! Oh Bride of Jesus,
Now fully come alive!
4:45 am September 18, 2019
© Received from the Holy Spirit by Laura Hamo, Influence Writing


Dream with God


Oh Melody, I'm so glad this

Oh Melody, I'm so glad this inspires you. I returned here today because I needed to read this again. Raging torments attempt to keep me in fear. Bolstering His Faith He provides, I discern the tension frequency. It flees as I type this! Praise God the Shekinah Glory falls! How sweet the presence! What comfort! I praise El Elyon, the Most High God, for His plan WILL succeed! God Bless You!

Dream With God

My soul was singing as I read this poem God gave you. Coming to God with expectation, yielding to Him, repenting, being filled with the Spirit and allowing the Spirit to lead and minister His power and grace and freedom to others. It is a beautiful flow of the Holy Spirit moving and birthing new life. I'm so thankful you were able to capture this!

Thanks and a prayer

Dear Lisa,

I join in thankfulness with you Lisa. Our Papa God knows our exact need. He is The PERFECT FATHER! May He reach HIS reach with the little we have. I offer all I have up to Him. Lord Bless it all as you did the five loaves and two fish. Multiply it in Your Kingdom so all are satisfied and there is MORE THAN ENOUGH! Lord, loose Your FAITH and the GIFT OF REPENTANCE upon all souls over, on and in the earth, His footstool. Help us to choose You over ourselves, our sins. Have Mercy upon US Lord! In Jesus Name. Amen! and Amen!