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They'll learn how to manage money so it doesn't manage them.

Find out how inside! 


Budget Brainiacs Sales Letter:


Do You Know How to Leave a Financial Legacy?

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There is a 10% discount per additional child if you respond within 48 hours.


Dear Busy Mom,


You diapered them . . . potty trained them . . . helped them learn to sleep through the night . . . taught them how to brush their teeth. They learned how to get themselves dressed and how to tie their shoes.

They're your kids; you love them.

Hopefully you've taught them how to be healthy . . . with good nutrition, exercise, time management, spirituality, and rest.

You may be investing in braces, tutoring, music lessons, and athletics. Eventually you'll teach them to drive and invest in driver's ed.

So why wouldn't you teach them about money?

Financial literacy is just as important as all these other parts in preparing your children for adulthood.

We’re here to help you, by teaching your kids money matters in a fun, exciting way.  You are so busy.  Delegate this to us! We’ve designed an interactive website which teaches kids, ages 10 and up, how money works.  They love it. They learn while they’re playing. They earn merchandise when they understand valuable concepts.

Budget Brainiacs utilizes fun games, videos, classes, and quizzes. Teaching your ‘tweens how money works will kick-start their financial future.  They’ll avoid the deep pitfalls of debt due to ignorance. 

We’ll teach them how to:

  • balance a checkbook
  • create a monthly budget
  • avoid debt
  • apply for a job
  • buy a car
  • establish a savings account
  • use debt wisely.

They’ll learn about:

  • compound interest
  • leases, and

Some Examples of Games

  • Folly’s Fiord models debt-end choices, giving a virtual-reality feel of the results of poor financial choices.
  • Wisdom’s Way demonstrates delayed gratification and fair trade. Learn the value of working with quality materials, accurate weights, and good ethics.

Not ONLY do your children build the skills and tools to understand money and how it works, they can EARN real stuff too, like t-shirts, wallets, and backpacks!

Some of these things YOU may not even know; so how can you teach your children?  Learn together and you’ll gain back your time and investment.

You barely have time to breathe let alone teach your kids how money works.  Do you have the time to design such a program? Well, you don’t have to. We’ve done it for you!

You don’t have time NOT to invest in Budget Brainiacs.

Log onto www.budgetbrainiacs.com and sign up today!


Our Source

Budget Brainiacs is a product of BestFin, Inc., the company created by me, Jessica Trident, a mom who knows the financial world.

I saw the deficit young adults struggled with financially, so I created a solution . . . Budget Brainiacs. It is an easy, proven way to motivate children to learn about money.

My goal is to help adults BE AND STAY solvent in adulthood.                  

I earned an MBA from Harvard. A 20-year veteran banker, Capital One Consumer Bank, Citizens Bank, and State Farm Bank have endorsed me.

Look at Some of These Perspectives

"Kids don't learn when things are boring, so the more you can make it fun the more likely your children will be to actually digest and take those lessons with them." Debt.com https://www.debt.com/edu/teaching-kids-about-money/

"Like any long-term investment, the ultimate reward from teaching your children financial literacy will come down the road. By showing children, and grandchildren, the value of money and instilling the basics of a financial education in the earliest ages, parents can help their children be skilled enough to make smart, financial decisions as adults and be able to plan for their own future financial security."
David Shucavage, Aug 31, 2017, Carolina Retirement Planners

One of Utah State's surveys conducted in 2016 found that the average family spends $2,292 per year on sports. http://time.com/4913284/kids-sports-cost/

So, for less than a dollar a day, your child can learn valuable, financial skills to last a lifetime. This is a "smart" brainer, $29 a month, per child, to access Budget Brainiacs.

Customer Service Access

Customer Services are available during peak working hours so you don't have to be interrupted at work to answer questions. If your child gets stuck, they don't stay stuck. Help is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm EST. How wonderful? They can reach out to Customer Service for help. This is also a GREAT skill to develop.

As in the humorous words of Dana Carvey in his Netflix video, STRAIGHT white male, 60, “Can you do it?” won’t be coming out of your kid’s mouth.

Bonus Benefits

While we're on the topic of skill development, Budget Brainiacs also teaches the skills necessary to apply for jobs and apartments.

You child may EVEN learn enough to start their own business!  The sooner your children learn these financial skills the sooner they can put it into practice. Quickly get these skills into long-term memory. Then they can enjoy financial freedom, which leads to freedoms galore.


Now look at what those who've invested in Budget Brainiacs have said.

"It's such a relief to know my children will be well-prepared for managing their money when they embark on their own lives as adults," says homeschooling parent, T. Bazell.

"Our kids love earning points for stuff they really want . . . while also learning how to budget for things and avoid debt. Thank you!!!" J. Sanders, a representative of a local mommy group, who ALL invested in the Budget Brainiacs Club.

Impressive Investors

Some of the biggest corporations in the financial realm back Budget Brainiacs. Companies like, Capital One Consumer Bank, Sterling Investments, and Fidelity Investments.


When you look at the big picture, we’re talking about less than a dollar a day.  Your stress will decrease.  Your child will understand the value of money.  They won’t hound you for stuff anymore. They’ll earn their rewards through our online store.  They’ll want to play Budget Brainiacs.

We have a 100% money back guarantee! Plus a 10% discount if you act within 48 hours of receipt.

Be part of a feedback group and earn rewards! Your child can earn referral points too!

Our Guarantee

  • If you are not completely satisfied with Budget Brainiacs,
  • If your child doesn't develop a financial knowledge that will help them be financially independent in adulthood,
  • If you don't see a lasting, positive impact from your child's interaction with Budget Brainiacs,
  • Then ask for your money back.
  • You will get your money back.
  • That's what a 100% money back guarantee means.
  • 100% . . .
  • All of it . . .
  • No questions asked . . .
  • Period.

P.S. Don't tell your kids . . . but these financial skills they'll learn . . . have additional benefits!

They'll also learn:

+ self-control,
+ discipline,
+ sacrifice,
+ delayed gratification,
+ goal setting,
+ patience, and
+ wisdom.

Leave a Solvent Financial Legacy

By investing in Budget Brainiacs, YOU will leave a legacy of financial literacy.

 "Academic qualifications are important and so is financial education. They're both important and schools are forgetting one of them." said Robert Kiyosaki, American businessman and author of Rich Dad/Poor Dad.

Remember, Customer Service is available Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Remember too, there is a 100% money back guarantee, a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. You can’t lose!

Your Work

Act in the next 48 hours by signing up on our website at www.budgetbrainiacs.com or mail in the enclosed form and you will get a 10% discount on all additional children after your first child!

Your child can earn 25 premium points, usable in our online Club store, if they join our volunteer feedback group. Their valuable feedback will enhance the experience of not only themselves but also others who join Budget Brainiacs. Developing this additional skill will teach your children how to be an invested consumer too! That cycle of communication is a huge asset!

PLUS your child can earn 10 bonus premium points for each referral who successfully signs up with Budget Brainiacs. Just have them put your child's name into the referral box on the sign up page. Remember those premium points are spent only in our Club store for cool prizes.

It's rare these days to find a web destination, which is safe, educational and fun. A place to gain lifelong, universal skills, but especially Financial Literacy.

A Final Thought

"It's my opinion that we have a national financial illiteracy epidemic," said Trae Bodge of RetailMeNot.com (September 2012)

Budget Brainiacs is the panacea of this epidemic. You've just been introduced to the cure-all - Budget Brainiacs. What will you do with it?

Be a part of the END of the financial crisis plaguing our nation. Invest in Budget Brainiacs and help your child be part of the solution.

Leave a Financial Legacy you can be proud of. We’re here to help!



Jessica Trident

CEO of BestFin, Inc.

Creator of Budget Brainiacs



The Order Device:


 ‹ I am acting within 48 hours of receiving this letter and desire to have a 10% discount per child after the first child.

‹ I am signing up one child for Budget Brainiacs at a rate of $29 per month.

‹ I am signing up two children for Budget Brainiacs at a rate of $55 per month.

‹ I am signing up three children for Budget Brainiacs at a rate of $81 per month.

‹ I am signing up four children for Budget Brainiacs at a rate of $107 per month.

‹ Please bill my credit card in equal monthly payments of $ using the below credit card.

‹ Please transfer $ from my checking account automatically each month. I've enclosed a check payable to Budget Brainiacs for my first month's membership.

‹ My child does want to earn 25 premium points by joining the volunteer feedback group by visiting www.budgetbrainiacs.com/joinvfg.

‹ As a bonus, I understand that my child/ren can earn 10 premium points for each successful referral to Budget Brainiacs. A successful referral means that the friend registers with Budget Brainiacs and remains a member for six months and identifies my child as the referrer on the website www.budgetbrainiacs.com.

‹ I do understand that your product comes with a 100% guarantee. If I am not completely satisfied, I will receive a full refund.

My preferred credit card information is:
        ‹ MasterCard               ‹ Visa                  ‹ American Express                  ‹ Discover

Card #                                                         CVV#               Exp. Date     /     


‹ I'd like to receive updates from Budget Brainiacs. 

 My email is                                                                                       


Lift Note:

From Lucy Daniels, age 13, Budget Brainiacs user from Madison, Wisconsin.


Hey, Lucy Daniels here. I wanted to tell you about what Budget Brainiacs means to me.

I used to ask my mom for stuff all the time. I didn't realize how much pressure I put on her. I just thought she was a "Negative Nancy" always saying no. But then she got me access to Budget Brainiacs. Finally a YES!

It is sooo fun! I love the games. They're action filled! I especially love Compound Crusade! It helps me see the power of compound interest. WOW! I never knew!

With all Budget Brainiacs teaches me about money I now have a great respect for my mom. I admire her courage to say "no." I am thankful she said "yes" to Budget Brainiacs. You should too! It's great!