In Memory of my Aunt Susan

My heart breaks in a whole new way. 

Your heart, Aunt Susan, is whole again.


I ask, Oh God, for Your grace and mercy,

for the binding of my broken heart. 

The gradual silence, I now hear loudly,

from the long, slow, goodbye.


The mourning,

a long-time companion, 

may I finally let go?


The many things that used to be,

I hold now in my memory.


Her mind went first, 

now the spirit's gone

with the soul along.

Waiting flesh, burried soon,

will reunite, in flight,

When the LORD plays His Tune.


The twinkling eye I saw in her.

She looked on me with loving eyes

and a smile.


God of all comfort, we need you now.

Wash away the bitterness and pain.


The letting go, I did long ago, yet,

Grief's waves hit at times.

Then I know the undertow.

I can't catch my breath!

Which way do the bubbles go?

I'm tossed to and fro.


I surrender,

not to sink,

but to rise again.

I trust, not think.


Carry me Lord,

I've never been this way before.


Lead me home,

So I can live,


Forever more.


Written on September 19, 2023, in memory as I process the passing of my Aunt Susan True. Completed at 5:04 p.m. EST. Donations may be made at Alzheimer's Association in honor of Aunt Susan.