The Divine Dance

Not a worry, not a care

Holy Spirit hovered over me,

As He did with Virgin Mary.

In Creation, over the water,

He also hovered there.


Praise and Worship,


Timely He educates,

Warp and woof,

Harp and bowl.


Lift and thrust,

Up and away,

We must soar.

Up higher,

Use the turmoil,

To rise above.


What once was difficult,

Will now be a breeze.

Father teaches.

Lost and Found*

Lives radical life

Of faith and


She demonstrates trust;

The body abroad supplies.


A link here,

An idea shared.

Open to review,

Prayer, more prayer.


Run ahead,

Fall behind,

Wanting only

Side-yoked Jesus.

Whispered guidance,

Fellowship there.


Keep your pearls.

Ask for prayer;

You’ve sown

Into them.

Humility asks;

Return reaped.


Dance with Me;

Come away my Love;

I am Lord.


We twirl, we spin,

A new dance we’re in.

I lead, you follow.

Each choose,

My sorrow

You lose.


New wineskin,

New wine;

Old wineskin,

Old whine.


New tune,

New space;

Old song,

Old place.


In faith

I fly;

My gift

I try.


I ask,

You answer.


Then transfer.





My Master.


Your space to fill,

Vacant, yet still

There’s time

For you

To join The Bride.


Come dance,

His dance.

Let Him lead;

Be entranced.


You snooze,

You lose.

Holy Spirit,

He woos.


He who has

Ears to hear

What the Spirit

Says to the churches.


My song is not yours;

Your song is not mine.

To Each His own,

Original, divine.


Create with Me,

New art,

New see,



Invest in Me.


Return secure,

My promise, true;



Each loved through.


Their dance isn’t yours.

Keep your focus on Me.


I’ve got him; you’ve got Me.

We’ll create divine jealousy.


Woo I will,

The choice is theirs.

Live free in thrill

So everyone stares.


“But what about them?”

It’s their choice to make.

I offer my hand;

It’s their choice to take.


“May I have this dance?”

Is my question to you?

“I’d love to” and rise

Looking deep in Your eyes.


You lead, I follow close.

Your arms hold loose.

I spin and twirl,

Not a care in the world.


Revive me

With life,

As I live

As your Wife.


Side by side,

As your helpmate,


to Eden Garden.


All practiced here,

All fulfilled there,

My lover, my bridegroom,

My King with white hair.


© Received from Holy Spirit by Laura Hamo, Influence Writing

2:43-3:31am EST, September 18, 2019

*Lost and Found refers to this YouTube channel: Lost and Found