A Call from Home

ABBA's Assurance and Invitation, a word from His perspective. I, Laura, quieted my soul, listened to His still, small voice in my core, spoke aloud what I heard, recorded my words on my phone, and transcribed the recording here. His voice, calm and kind, comes through Holy Spirit. We are called to worship God in spirit and in truth. Here's what I heard Him say:

There is coming a day of vengeance, says the Lord. A day where My wrath will be poured out on all the earth, and under the earth, and above the earth. (Deut. 32:1-44)

This Day brings no fear for My Remnant, those who hide themselves in Me. You rest in Me, My Child. You hide in Me till the storm passes by.

For those not hidden in Me, heed this warning. It is with great love I offer it. For I am a Perfect Father and I gave you my Perfect Son.

Turn around, for the path you are on leads you away from Home. Turn around, and come to the Cross of my Perfect Son, whom I sent to save you. He has already done all the work. Your responsibility is to receive Him, Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah, my Only Begotten Son, whose finished work is sufficient for your eternal life. Believe on His Name. Drop all your baggage, all your works, all your hurts, all your great expectations at the foot of the Cross and look up.

Do you hear Him say, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."? This One you look up to, his body unrecognizable as human because of what He took for your sin, He paid the debt in full. He paid your debt in full. Accept, with open hands, My Gift of Salvation, My Gift of My Only Begotten Son, My Perfect One. Come through Him. Come Home. Come on, there's room here. I love you. I have a very, very, big heaven. With man, impossible; but with God, WITH GOD, all things are possible.

I give you faith to believe. I give you hope to receive. I give you grace to accept. And I give you Mercy.

I am LOVE and I am PERFECT, and perfect love casts out all fear.

I am a Consuming Fire and I will burn off everything that is not of me.

I am disciplining you and it is for your good.

Only I know when Jesus will return.

My Kingdom is everlasting.

I AM that I AM.

I am the Alpha and I am the Omega.

I am jealous for you.

I want you with Me.

You choose.

Jesus said, "Follow Me."

And there remains therefore a Sabbath Rest for the people of God.

Wickedness I will wipe off the face of the earth, and under the earth, and above the earth.

When My Day of Vengance is done, you will know that I exist. That I am all powerful. That I am all knowing. That I am ever present. That I heard your cries. That I am just. That I am love. And I am worthy of all worship, of all praise, of all adoration. I am worthy to receive Glory and Power and Dominion and Honor and Praise.

Come Home. Haven't you had enough yet? Come Home, and find rest for your soul.

Eternal life begins when you believe and receive My Son. From that point on My Kingdom is available to you, wherever you are, whenever you are. You can come and go as you please, through Christ.

Welcome Home.

I'll fix you.

I'll heal you. 

I'll deliver you. 

I'll defend you.

I'll provide for you.

I'll lead you and guide you through My Holy Spirit.

I will restore you to wholeness.

I will raise you as my own.

I adopt you into my family, and you are mine forever and ever.

You are safe in Me.

I will protect you.

I will care for you.

I am your ABBA Father and I LOVE YOU.


Believe in My Son, to-day.