You live your life for Jesus Christ

You sell out all you have for Him

He's an allconsuming Fire in you.

You're aglow with the fire of the Lord.

You overflow with the love our Savior has for you.


In living your life for Jesus Christ

You've become a vessel for His use.

He's the Crafting Potter and you're His clay.


It's His grace

Shinning on your face

That I've seen

Which has brought me to this place.


And though you haven't tried to be the one who "has arrived"

I want to encourage you, reinforcing lesssons you've learned well.

Keep your eyes, focussed on Jesus

Looking straight into the eyes of life.


Hard times 'round us

Storms rage strong

Left, right, not an option

Run the race, faithful to the end

Reach the prize; let's find it in your hand.


When you get to Heaven

And embrace the Lord

Jesus will stop

He'll take you in His arms

He'll look into your eyes

Then you will know

Then you'll be known

You will need no more

You will be wholly satisfied.


© April 21, 2003 by Laura Hamo


I wrote some of this song a long time ago, back in 1996, about my experience with Aglow International. Gordon Forshee, an advisor, had passed on to be with the Lord and I sang a variation of this song in his rememberance. These are my notes for that event. 

Gordon Forshee has been a faithful part of Aglow for all the years I've been here. I started to change this song into past tense, but then I stopped. Though Gordon will not be here physically anymore, He does live on. We will miss his great hugs, wonderful wisdom, sparkling eyes, and glowing grin. Because of his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Gordon has joined an elite group of people who have gone on before us. He is now part of that great cloud of witnesses mentioned in Hebrews 12:1. Gordon lived a life of faith, along with all the other great patriarchs. Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entanges, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, just like Gordon Forshee.


Gordon Forshee

Where did Gordon Forshee live and where did you meet him? Did you sing this song at his funeral? It’s a beautiful song!

My response

Dianne, Thank you for asking these great questions. 

Gordon Forshee lived near Raleigh, NC. I met him through our local Aglow chapter. He was an advisor for our Cary Chapter.  I did not sing it at his funeral. I probably sang it at an Aglow meeting. Sadly, I remember only part of the melody as I read through the text. I tend to sing a capella. 

Did you know Gordon?

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