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I miss you. 

The innocence bubble popped when my dad died. He was never coming home again. Then a new, different normal began. 

I remember realizing when in college, I had lived half my life with my father on earth and half with him in heaven. Correspondence with my grandmother gave me insight into my dad. She couldn't get him to do a thing. It wasn't until LOVE came to him, in the form of my mother, did she see him DO the things she could never motivate him to do. LOVE is a force. GOD IS LOVE.

Thinking with a clear mind, set free from the dark demons of depression, this is a strange experience indeed. I asked the LORD the day before to use the dynamite power of Jesus Christ's Name to blast away all the ruts my mind used, those thoughts which perpetually were making up defenses and excuses to explain myself. The accusations would come in familiar-sounding voices and yet completely disconnected from the person. What a ventriloquist the enemy puppets? I've allowed his residence for so long but no more.

A jungle of sounds, words, cacophony, clamors of disses and misses, lack, suck, abuse, cons, trickery, and lies. Relentless ridicule, bullying, disguising, vanity, vacuous vitriol, verminous venom, vying viciously for your victory. Regardless of your identity, irrespective of your humanity. Careless. Void. Wicked.

Manifesting through people, succumbed. Demonic disguise deceived, now displayed?

In Ashley’s Harvest Moon Café on a Wednesday morn, it happens to be St. Patrick’s Day, 2021. Drip coffee, refillable for free, and a coconut chocolate chip muffin warmed just right, starts my time of labor here instead of at home. I don’t thrive being alone.

I observe. People watching, one of my favorite pastimes, has desperately been denied. A plethora of people right before my eyes!

There’s a man with a cap that speaks of a sailor past; his silver crown hides his story. In the soft chair he reads for a few hours and leaves; I’ve not seen a soul speak with him.

Sovereign God,
All Trust in Him,
Great Good Shepherd,
Lead us In.
You went before,
Prepared the Way,
Safely at HOME,
We’re here to stay!
Thank You for your
You gave Access,
Adoption, Inheritance,

During my quiet time this morning, the Lord led me to read 1 Corinthians 13. This is the "love" chapter.

God's already convicted me of my loveless, clanging-cymbal sounds and my childish thinking, and especially the "thinketh no evil" section in verse 5. Today He, and when I say "He" I mean Holy Spirit, who is GOD and is my teacher because I am God's Daughter and I learn. Setting the record strait, I am. The depth of Scripture is never ending and revelations are forever findable when you look INTO the WORD of God.


Uni - que

Uni - queue

One line

Be uniquely you

Get out of everyone else's queue and be you.

There is only one YOU!

You are loved and needed.

Psalm 139, 2 Thessalonians 2:15-17


William Henry True, III, is my earthly father. After his death, I received a children’s book explaining what happens when we die. It was signed in my mother’s handwriting. She signed it: from your Heavenly Father and your father in heaven. I was 11 years old.

A Prayer for First Responders

I praise You, Most Great God, high above all other gods. I praise You that You are Sovereignly on Your Throne. In your Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence You faithfully watch over these First Responders in every situation.

Distractions! Distractions! Everywhere!

How do you expect me to sit there?

I look around all the time

So many interesting sights and sounds.

The papers on my desk are silent.



I leave reality.

Sometimes, I’m so far away

I don’t hear anything going on in the class.

Only by a start or a shout

Am I brought back to class.

Others embarrass me as they laugh.

Other places I want to be,

Than working on what’s in front of me.

Reading took forever


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