Unscale the eyes and unplug the ears,

Another celebration of Earth Day is here.


Your greed, pollution, destruction

Are finished! It’s through!

Wicked, Sinner, Saint–HEED THIS WARNING–

Give credit where credit is due.


I made the earth and I made it for you.

And I made you for me.

I AM a relational Father, and

I want YOU in my family!


The thief came to steal, 

To kill, and to destroy.

My Son brought life, 

That’s abundantly sure.

However, the choice remains yours.


I AM sick of the abominations,

Destruction, plagiarism, and greed,

Idolatry, false religions, and disrespecting me–



Your good will never be good enough,

But good is not required.

Righteousness is the standard.

Jesus Christ is your Supplier.


I AM exposing the impact

Of the devil’s schemes.

When the Light shines on him,

Do you hear his screams?


At the crucifixion, 

Jesus paid your debt.

I’ve accepted it in full. 

Will you believe in Me yet?


The authority of heaven and earth,

Stolen from Adam and Eve,

By the devil himself.

My Son Jesus, blood-bought it back 

During the three-day pause.

I exerted MY POWER 

When I raised Him from the dead!


In Christ, YOU have this power SAME,

Holy Spirit is your guide,

Wake up! Oh Church, and Bride,

Grow up and seek the LOST.

It’s K.A.I.R.O.S. time!


Kingdom of God

Authority in Christ

Identify the enemy

Reign in Righteousness

Overcome evil

Serve the Lord


I listened as best I could to Holy Spirit to capture Father's heart. Laura Hamo