Hearing from God

“Peace, Be Still.”

The cacophony of phone, dishwasher, alarms, ideas in my head distract. The thought of being seen through windows, by neighbors, family, keeps my focus on me, the flesh. This is not what I want or need.

I realize respect. If a person was physically with me, I wouldn’t answer my phone. I would give them my attention.

Perspective. Respect God. He is Holy. Honor Almighty God.

The concern of these distractions all propel me to my closet. No windows, no phone, no internet, no people, I bring only notepad and pen, and myself.


Even here I fight to silence my mind. I verbally rebuke the spirit of distraction.

I practice. I sing praises. I worship. I focus.

This is what I hear.

“When you choose.”

I chose to submit. I submit my mind, flesh, emotions to my will. I chose to submit my will to the Lord’s will.

I focus.

Soon I don’t feel the carpet on my face. My focus is inside, down in my inner most being. My body is the temple of God.

Remembering God is on the throne, trustworthy, desiring relationship, Holy Spirit shows me my sin. I confess quickly. I enter in by Grace, God’s Grace. I can enter the Holy of Holies through the blood of the Lamb.

Grace, I remember grace. My striving ceases. Now I'm in the Holy of Holies, where I commune with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Praise Him. I have confidence through Christ to enter into the Holy of Holies.

Here I rest. Here I am still. Here I find peace. God is God; He is I AM. I am not I AM. Perspective. Now corrected.

Today’s quiet time started with Pr. 3:5-6, so I start at verse 1. Wisdom, I invite her. I come to realize that I don’t get instruction and then run ahead and implement. No. I connect with Father. Trust Him. Oh, He is amazingly trustworthy. I remind myself of how He’s proved himself so many times before.

Now I abide with Father, Son, Holy Ghost, and Wisdom. We’re gonna have a good day. He can’t love me more. He can’t love me less. Praise God. I go with Him into my day.