The Power of a Chair

Thank You, God, for the legacy of this chair.

And for all the prayers, prayed, sitting there.


In a century past, 

The pregnant mother sat.

Compound interest,

I wonder about that.


Countless hours with faithful friends,

Mending, reading, an intimate chat.

A storybook read with a child on her lap.


Refurbished for beauty to agree with decor,

You creak now with age like a greaceless door.

From generation to generation,

Maybe a skip in between,

You're received now with love,

If you know what I mean.


Faith to sit secure in a chair so old

Comes from God, so I know it'll hold.

Am I making assumptions?

Only You know what's True.

Did that pregnant mother converse with you too?


In Hope I believe

She conversed with Thee.


Unite the motherly petitions and pleas

with Word declarations and Divine decrees.

From generations past, to right now with me. 

Will there be more who'll follow? . . .You'll see.


Lord, compound the impact of the faith prayed of old.

With revelations revealed, empower me bold.

With past investments multipy mine as well.

Redeem the Time; Your truth, I do tell.


That babe she birthed physically

You birthed his spirit a new.

Along with my Savior

I'll see them soon too.


Your Kingdom Treasures

You redeem, reclaim, and restore.

The return on investment

Is out of this world.