We need cleansing for we too get tarnished, especially from neglect.

Just now, I was praying through my jewelry. Each piece is special and connects me with a memory or a person. I hadn’t done that before.
I noticed some tarnished pieces. I haven’t been wearing my jewelry since I’ve been working at home, even pre-pandemic. As I cleaned the tarnished silver with the appropriate cleaner, I prayed.
I see symbolism everywhere.
We, as a human race, need cleansing too. Jesus removes our sins as we confess them. Justification is God-done once and for all. Sanctification is God doing WITH us, the walking out of our faith in Christ. Here’s where we renew our minds with the Word, confessing our sins, one to another, forgiving each other, living in community, bearing each other’s burdens.
Father’s Day is tomorrow. God Almighty the PERFECT Father LOVES AND DISCIPLINES His children. Let us, who are made in HIS IMAGE (Gen. 1:26) honor our Father and mother, that it may go well with us.
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