The Deeper Thoughts from My Time at Ashley's

I used to do nice things to get affirmation but that drained others because they didn’t have supply to give. We can’t get water from a leaky sieve. The world uses the term narcissistic, covert and overt; but God’s term is selfishness. We each go our own way. 

God’s taught me He’s the Source of my needs; To Him I must turn and He’ll supply everything for me. Only from Him will I get all I biblically need, then I’ll have supply to minister to others He’s called me to meet.

The wickedness in this world is not flesh and blood. That is what the enemy would have you believe. But it stems from a deeper grip led by the father of lies. A hierarchy of Rulers, and Authorities, and Principalities and spiritual forces of evil, longstanding strongholds, so old, we truly don’t know.


God Almighty knows! He created the heavens, and the earth, and time, and the new birth. He is ripping out the roots, exposing the lies, and cleaning house spiritually. There is nowhere to hide!

I wonder if the last bastion is pride or are there others beside? He is reminding the people of this world, who’ve forgotten His existence. They think they’re in control of their own destiny. Or maybe they’ve not yet heard. It’s all written in His Word.

If that devil can keep us infighting, distracted, depressed, isolated islands, living in distress, he’s seeking whom he can devour, this father of lies, keeping our eyes down, attached to our phones, bound and bent. NEWS FLASH! We’re in a spiritual war but the enemy doesn’t win!

Don’t give in!

Can’t you imagine hearing the Father say? “Oh, no, devil, you’re messing with my kids! You see I’ve made them fearfully and wonderfully; they are marvelous indeed. Child, that liar knows your true potential and he wants to keep you deceived. When you grasp who you TRULY are IN CHRIST, not in and of yourselves; you will provoke fear, not in man, but in the spirit realm. The wicked realm will be full of fear! They’ll wonder at your God-given personality! They’ll marvel at your Supernatural ability. Fearfully, wonderfully, I’ve made you; marvelous you are.”

Reach UP! I tell you; God’s Hand reaches out to you and it is NOT too short! He’ll find you; cry out to Jesus, the Christ, the Savior of mankind! LOOK UP! To the Cross, and the Blood He shed for you. Its power is REAL! Cleansing from sin, no matter how despicable, dark, and deep or frequent. You are NOT out of HIS REACH!

God’s been longsuffering. He’s merciful to His core. But there comes a time when the Sage, who’s staid His hand, will rectify the mess we’ve made all across this land. In Psalm 136 each verse reminds us, His mercy will endure. 

Another lie is global warming, thinking we can fix this mess we’re in. The earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, floods, and frozen, falling flakes are the beginning of birth pains; but the end is not yet. AWAKE! In Christ stay safe. Read Matthew 24.

Human trafficking in an even deeper level than the wickedness most are starting to see. The demonic realm has trafficked all of us, abusive to the core. Possession, cutting, destruction they care nothing of you; they just need a body to move through. Expel them to the Abyss in the full Power of Jesus’ Name. Then fill the void with the Holy Spirit. Let His Kingdom reign. Allow the King of kings and Lord of lords residence in you instead. Revelation 17 & 18.

Jesus Christ came to save, set the captives free, to deliver, and to heal, to make you alive and whole, spirit and soul. See Isaiah 61 and Luke 4.

Flesh and blood are not our struggle. Look with His eyes beyond the hurting one who’s hurting you. We don’t know the back story; but God does. He knows each one for He exists outside of time, all seeing, all knowing, ever present. Don’t be mad that He let things happen to you. He works all for His glory and our good. See Genesis, and Ephesians, and 2 Corinthians 4.

The glory stealer, prideful devil, destroyer, d duh doomed. When he holds your confessed past before you, remind him of his future truth. Revelation 20:10.

Humankind, rise up! Don’t take the V, for it’s another lie from the enemy. But if you have, don’t fear; for God is even more powerful than that deceptive gene therapy. Get your house in order, reconcile with God and man. Nothing can thwart God's divine plan. Revelation 18

Christ’s stripes are for your healing; mix with faith and apply with grace. Glory to God give Him praise; look forward and anticipate. 1 Peter 2:24

My childlike faith in my ABBA is HUGE; I’m his adopted daughter. I’ve asked Him to get back all that’s been destroyed, stolen, and killed. Jesus asked for the Nations and I have too. Two have agreed, as touching one thing; our Father will do it. He answers prayer according to His will. He is not man that He should lie. His WORD I believe. That is my cry; I’ll be still and stand! Send the Angels to fight at His Word’s command. John 10:10, Psalm 2 & 46, Matthew 18:19-20.

There is writing on the wall for sure; we all have a choice to make; I pray its not too late. See Daniel 5

Consider eternity for it is real, never ending, beyond the earthly realm. In it, you will feel. Anguish, burning, thirst perpetually, hell holds for those who don’t choose Christ. Righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost, and fellowship in the family of God for those who receive the free gift ABBA provides through Christ. Free will is a gift He gives. You choose. 

There are silent screams from those who chose poorly before you. But they can’t communicate with you from the dead. You have the WORD and the prophets the Bible says. Will you listen to them instead? Reference Luke 16.

Breaking out of the ordinary, expected, controlled, old, and constricted box; my spirit will be a sight to behold. “Let me out! Let me testify! There IS a God in Heaven and He loves you! There IS a Redeemer, let me introduce you two! There is a Righteous way to love. There is a path to worship the One True God above.

Let me lead you into His presence. I can sing your child a lullaby. I can coach you to share your story so you can leave a legacy for your progeny; whatever the stones may be. 

God help me fear no man; break through the constricting lies of my own mind and the deceiving narrative that has muzzled the land. We are human; You made us free! In Your Kingdom there is Liberty! Isaiah 61, 2 Corinthians 3:17, Galatians 

I don’t know where and I don’t know when, but in God’s time He’s coming back again. Will we see the unity Christ prayed for in John 17? Will the Ecclesia of God rule and reign before then?

Each one gifted before time began, for the benefit of the Body of Christ and the rest of mankind. The Church in maturity will display the manifold wisdom of God to the spirit realm. That is the call; will you answer? Obey? Trust Him in the journey; even if you don’t know the way? For God’s doing a new thing; a way we’ve not seen. Jesus said, “Follow Me.” He knows the future, the plan.

We’re given only TODAY in which to live. So let’s live life in Holiness and be blessed.

Christ is the Head of the Body. Father God resurrects life. He exerted His power when He raised the Christ from the dead. He’s raising up His Son’s Bride, getting Her ready for a Beautiful Wedding. I pray you’re a part of the throng who gets to enter in.

If you don’t choose now; there is still hope. But your martyr’s death will be the price you pay standing in Christ in a world more wicked than ever we’ve seen. Daniel quaked at the vision; color left his face. The last kingdom on that statue is made of iron and clay. That speaks to me of cyborgs and aliens. Beasts of old, I don’t want to see.

Because of Christ, I’m an ambassador here; an alien on earth waiting to go Home. Would you come with me, through Christ, for He is the Gate on the way to the Father, who is HOME? We’ll have all eternity to get to know each other and the One who created us. Humans are His image bearers, body, soul, and spirit. He’s the Father of spirits.

The Perfect Father is calling you home; will you answer the call? His number is Jeremiah 33:3. He says, “Call to me and I will answer thee; and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” Pride is stiff-necked and stubborn; so stealth it’s the last to go. Humility is teachable; we need to bend our knee, neck, and heart. Let’s bow before the King of kings now, by choice, before we have to do it by force.