When I was raising my children and a stay-at-home mom I learned something from a Focus on the Family broadcast that stuck with me. I think it applies to today. The broadcast dealt with cleaning your house. The woman made the statement that anyone, no matter who they were or how messy their house was, could get it clean in 7 days. Pretty bold statement I thought. She had a system written out on 3x5 cards. A system with daily tasks, weekly tasks, quarterly tasks and six month and annual tasks. If you implimented these tasks, her claim was that your house could be clean in a week.

Physical houses often represent our personal lives too. The chaos in the physical house often represents the chaos in the person. You may not want to hear that though. We all have our own mess. I don't know yours and you don't know mine. Inside your physical house it might be orderly, neat and tidy from the street, lawn all primped and proper. Nothing to see here. But inside, deep in the drawers and closets, hidden away, maybe even under lock and key, there is a mess which needs cleaning. It's so bad you don't even know where to begin. 

Yes it does need cleaning up too. The world would say you have to clean yourself up. That's the self-focus of the anti-christ spirit. Don't let it deceive you.


That's not what God says however. 

World, I don't think we've gotten God's message yet. Or maybe it's just America that's got a house so filthy it's gonna take more than a week to clean. More than four years for the purging of the depths of our evil to be exposed, repented of, removed, and replaced.