I Remember

I remember.

I remember the lights.



Shining through the lowered window shade

At night.


No siren.

I heard

Through the wall

My top bunk

His queen-sized headboard

Separated only by the wall.

I remember his breathing,

A repetitive pain,

In sync

With the rhythm

Of his heartbeat.

His breathing shallow.

I remember his sound

An enduring-through-suffering expression.

No complaint.

No “why me?”

No words.


I remember mom’s voice

On the phone

With the doctor


She was being the nurse,

Always the nurse.


I remember watching

Through the bedroom door

the stretcher,

big people,



low voices.

There may have been a command,

“Close the door.”



not understanding


Not panicked



The next week, His body died

But his spirit was already alive

God birthed his spirit the year before

He’s in eternity with the Lord forever more

God birthed my spirit too

I look forward now

No turning back

My past is under the blood of Jesus Christ

My life, memories, self -- He redeemed.

I look up to the Cross

Jesus Christ, My Savior, shares His inheritance with me.

His ABBA adopted me.

I am his daughter, born twice, by the water and the spirit

Jesus’ PERFECT Father raises me.


I’ve been bought with a price

The precious blood of Christ

I’m no longer mine

His life now lives in me.


I’m His inheritance.

His Spirit seals me.

His Spirit cleanses me.

His Spirit teaches me.

His Spirit convicts me.

His Spirit comforts me.

His Spirit leads me.

His Spirit corrects me.

His Spirit encourages me.

His Spirit fills me.

His Spirit flows through me.

When I yield. . . to the Lord.


Jesus Christ is the Head of the Body

I am a cell therein.

Hydrating in the Word

Confessing the sin

Holy Spirit exposes

which hinders the fellowship.

Holy Spirit indwells me,

When I let Him in.

Christ in you

The Hope of glory.

Not mine


His alone

My hands are off.


Anoint me, Oh Lord,

For the work

Of the ministry.

Humility, you rule

In the place where

Pride once occupied.

He’s swept clean this house

And in His Name

He’s bought title, deed

And mystery

He opens the treasure trove

Redeeming all for His Glory.