The Kindness of God

The kindess of God:

He creates a galaxy

Which fits in a child's hand.

The Dandy Lion!

Bright yellow attracts

The flight of the bees

First fruits of Spring

Setting in motion

The supply of food.


Seeds with star kites

Fly at the breeze

And breath

Carried to a new home

The cycle begins again.


Stars and the rhythm

A cadence of life

And breath.

Pureness return?

It seems hopeless,

But that is not the case,

For God is Almighty.


In the eyes we look.

Do we see darkness or light?

The eyes, the window to the soul,

He says.

Lids opened or closed

The light, once in, remains.

The Promise on which I stand:

He who began

A good work in me

Will be Faithful

To complete.


I yield. I rest.

I work. I play.

Interacting with the God of the Universe,

Who loves me, knows me,

And won't let me stay

The way

I am.


He won't force Himself

On me to change.

He instead, offers His Hand.


Indwelling Spirit of Holiness

Do not let me squelch You

Correct me quickly

When I grieve You.

Forgive my insensitivity.

Hone my inner ear

To listen and obey

With alacrity and joy.


Help me discern the discretion

Of voice and frequency.

Set guards on these lips

Which have tended to slip

Quickly into sin

Again and again.

Getting back up 

This repentant soul

To stand firm to the end.


I must learn obedience

To obey Your commands

Much different than 

Suggestions, or preferances, 

Commands by the King

Conquering the will 

Of wickedness, sloth, 

And folly within.


Let a new year begin

Building on the precepts

Of lessons learned before,

Remembering the scaffolding

And systems. Forgetting 

The excuse-itices I will

live in no more.


First fruits, essential,

Time with You alone.

Divine order checklist

As decisions need making

Consider my latter end,

Listen to Your council

Sweet intimate Friend.


Chunk the same things

Start, even for 2 minutes.

Don't force the sitting still

Flit from here to there

You'll get all done,


Celebrate each step

No matter how small.


A rhythm

A cadence

 A pace


A song

A sentence

A grace


A hope

A life

A praise


A wash

A swig

A face


A silence

A prayer

A space


A purge

A cut

A place 


Written after a time at the piano, on December 30, 2023, between 9:30 p.m. and 10:23 p.m.