Pickleball, What's in a Name?

PIckleball, the fastest growing sport in America (find your own statistics), I've played this very fun game. There's a kitchen we're supposed to stay out of. Double meanings everywhere. Addictive like many other substitutes for the REAL thing. 

I'm not too into sports so draw from your knowledge not mine. Isn't there a play in baseball when you get into a pickle. The runner is between bases and the baseplayers have the ball being tossed back and forth between each other in hopes of hitting the runner and getting them out. The runner's trying to make it safely to base without being hit by the ball which would get them out. That's what I remember about being in a pickle. If you made it to base you're safe.

Sports in general have entertained us to ignorance and idolitry. Trading cards for a sportsperson sold in the millions. IT'S A PIECE OF PAPER!!!

In my over-simplifying mind here's the way I see it.

The world is in a pickle. Might I say, you're in a pickle? The shot clock is about to sound. Personally I believe it already has sounded. The game is over but life isn't, YET.

Eternity is reality, not a game. The spiritual war for your soul has been going on not just for your lifetime but for all eternity. 

Did you even know you had a Heavenly Father? Did you heed the call of the Father? Are you between heaven and hell with the enemy trying to take you out? Is the kitchen too hot? Did you even hear the call? The two minute warning was years ago. We're living on borrowed time. What's your debt load?

Hell is for real. You didn't make the rules. Almighty God made the rules. His standard is PERFECTION. 

God's Kingdom is coming down from above. His Kingdom is Righteousness, Peace, and Joy in the Holy Spirit. His kingdom dwells WITHIN a person.

Judgement is coming. REPENT NOW! TODAY is the day of salvation. 

The free gift of salvation has been offered. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved, you and your household.

 We've all been lied to by the father of lies, satan. We've all believed his lies too. We've all acted on his lies.

The Father of spirits, Almighty God, wants a relationship with you. He is not man that He should lie. He is Merciful and Faithful, and EXTREMELY longsuffering. He's the PERFECT Father, which includes discipline. He knew you'd never make it into the Family on your own. So He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, from HEAVEN to EARTH, to take our place. He lived the perfect life none of us could. HIS shed BLOOD SAVES. HE is the way, the ONLY way, HOME to the Father in the Kingdom of God.

Don't be so distracted by the games of life that you don't LIVE your life. Our eternity begins when our spirit is born. The preeminent point of this life here on earth is be born in your spirit, so you can live in the family of God, in eternity. GOD IS LOVE.  ABBA's got a big house. There's room for you, but the door's about to be shut. Are you in the Kingdom or outside of it?

Come in through the Gate, Jesus Christ, and welcome HOME. You're safe!