Recognize the Season You're In

“What are you doing here, Elijah?” 

The Lord asked Elijah this question twice (1 Kings 19:9, 13). Both times Elijah’s answer was the same, which revealed his heart. 

Now Elijah had just experienced one of the greatest show downs of good vs. evil in the Old Testament. This was after the test with the prophets of Baal, dealing with Jezebel and Ahab, and praying for rain after a very long drought. 

Jezebel gave Elijah such a threat that he fled for his life. He believed her. Elijah was done, ready to die, at the lowest of the low points. Have you ever been there?

The Lord ministered to Elijah; through angels he fed him twice. Two meals gave him enough strength to travel forty days and forty nights to get to Horeb, the mount of God. It was there that Elijah heard these questions.

The Lord’s instruction between the two questions differed though Elijah obeyed each time. After the first, between verses 11 and 13, the Lord reveals himself. Natural manifestations of wind, earthquake, and fire all occurred but did not reveal the Lord. He revealed himself in a still, small voice. Elijah, hearing the Lord’s voice, wrapped himself in the mantle and went out and stood at the entrance of the cave in which he lodged. It was then he heard the question the second time.

For Elijah’s response to be the same after the Lord showing himself revealed to the Lord that Elijah’s mind had not been renewed. This signalled to the Lord that Elijah truly was done and was needing to come home.

To prepare, God gave Elijah directions for anointing various people into various roles. Also, the Lord assured Elijah that he was not alone. The prophet’s mantle transferred from Elisha to Elijah. A season of overlap occurred where Elisha, Elijah’s successor, learned the role of the prophet. 

Who are you mentoring? Whose mentee are you?