What's Goin' On?


God is displaying it.

Are you hearing his warnings?

Don't make Him get louder.

He disciplines those He loves.

Be humble. 


We are all sinners.

All accountable for our actions.

All loved by God.


Cry out for it.

He longs for us to repent.

Ask Holy Spirit to show you: 

  • sin to confess, and
  • correction for behavior.

This is why reading the Scriptures is so important.

The Word gives us:

  • instruction,
  • correction,
  • mercy,
  • love,
  • grace,
  • defense,
  • comfort, and
  • HOPE.

God Almighty disciplines. 

Jesus Christ saves.

Holy Spirit teaches.



In their fathering, all natural fathers fail in some ways and succeed in others.

Father God is PERFECT in His fathering.

Respect Him.


Fear the Lord.

Faith He supplies.

Destroy Pride

Humble yourself!

Destroy pride in Jesus' Name.

Renounce pride.

Cancel any and all legal right pride has in your life.

Strongholds create mental trenches which run deep.

"That's the way I've always done it. I can't change."

These are the words of stronghold lies.


Deliver us from evil, Jesus taught us to pray.

Cast out pride in Jesus' Name.

The Truth of God's word is different than the lies.

Find the promises in His word.

Renew your mind with these.

Speak these.

Believe these!

Apply God's Supply

Apply His Blood, this provision Father God accepted, and Jesus supplied.

Triune God is the source of ALL WE NEED!

All Glory Belongs to God

Give God the:

  • credit,
  • praise,
  • worship,
  • recognition,
  • power,
  • honor,
  • glory, and
  • adoration.

For He alone is worthy.

Pride hates this and will try and tell you not to do this.

Your Choice

Look at John 10:10 and observe where and how the word "may" is placed and used.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Here lies your choice.

Free will is ours, another gift from God.

Everyone is allowed a voice and a choice.

Abuse exists when that voice is silenced and that choice is denied.

Everyone is allowed a voice and a choice.


God gave you that right.

God also has this right.

He's a loving Heavenly Father wanting to share His love, provision, and joy with you.

He has spoken. Will you listen?