A Work in Progress

A jungle of sounds, words, cacophony, clamors of disses and misses, lack, suck, abuse, cons, trickery, and lies. Relentless ridicule, bullying, disguising, vanity, vacuous vitriol, verminous venom, vying viciously for your victory. Regardless of your identity, irrespective of your humanity. Careless. Void. Wicked.

Manifesting through people, succumbed. Demonic disguise deceived, now displayed?

Magnificent minds split to save spirits. For every trauma a new soldier arises, anything from a fragment to a full personality, whose entire goal is to protect the person inside until the Father of spirits breaths life, saving the soul for eternity.

Holding on by barely a fingertip to Hope in a sea of hopelessness.

Grace for another gasp of breath to live, another gulp, God Help me!


He’ll answer.

No, Hell’s already forced itself on you. Hell’s lies bring debt, defeat, despondency. You’ve already been there, done that. The suck of addiction, drag, and drop.

The puppets’ possessed, past pride, presumed presumptuously. POP! The screaming air escapes through the atmosphere, once veiled, now vivid.


Turn and LIVE!

The contrast is vivid. The battle is real but already victorious.

So What if I pontificate, alliterate. I am allowed to articulate. God gave me that right!

I choose to expose, express, and exalt.

I expose both lies and Truth.

I express the reality of “The Hell” and “The Heaven” and the FAITH which overcomes.

I exalt The ONE Who’s Name empowers me, Who’s Spirit indwells me, Who’s Father LOVES ME.

I use the Sword of the Spirit like a machete through the jungle of words in the atmosphere.

I cut off the prefixes of wickedness that infiltrated our vocabulary, getting our attention off of God and onto God’s devil. Yes, God’s devil, a creation of the Almighty, in absolutely NO WAY an equal opponent. He is a defeated foe.

GOD is SOVEREIGN, Triune, Father, Son, and Spirit. ALL GOD. ALL ONE.

Father now equips me with Holy Spirit, Who teaches me.

Maybe I’ve simplified reality. I’ve been told I super-spirit-u-allies EVERYTHING.

So I take the Sword of the Spirit and sever the wicked prefixes converting the words back to their original roots.

For example: Mis- Miscommunication. Have you ever been misunderstood? Had the meaning of your heart misconstrued from your heart to another’s? Gotten your signals crossed? “That’s not what I meant at all!” Division. Conflict.

The Spirit realm is more real than the physical realm. So I cut the prefix mis- off of the root words communication and understanding. I pray for unity, understanding, clarity, communication. Humility.


Jesus Christ is the WORD.


Godly Character, the PERFECT Patience, MERCIFUL Majesty is LOVE and JUST.

Do not speak derogatorily over/about/around/to/behind me. Pick the preposition appropriately. Speak what you see potentially in me. Speak what you HOPE to see. Speak my possibility. Speak with the END of me in mind, not where I am currently. For I am a work in progress, as are you, and everyone else is too.


Change the atmosphere.

Pull the plug on the vacuum of darkness, the suck of lack, the whine, the complain, the grumble, the disses and the misses.

Acknowledge mistakes, sure, but help me recover more quickly. Teach me politely. Listen to me respectfully. Please forgive me.

The fight is REAL. CHEER! The climb exhausts getting to level ground, out of the pit of despair.

Acknowledge the growth.

I am not where I was and I’m not where I’ll be; but wherever I am, God is with me. It is He to whom you and I answer ultimately.

Will you encourage me? Do I encourage you?

Change kingdoms.

God translates us from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of His Son.

Plug into the Source, not the Universe, but the GOD WHO MADE it! Christ, the Door in which you must pass through, He is the Entrance. Holy Spirit, he knocks at your heart. Holy Spirit woos you.

Spirit-filled, Christ-followers arise; do your part. This Harvest is real. The fruit, the souls of humankind. Christ’s victory we enforce. We are called to occupy until He returns.

God the Father LOVES. Free will He gave us. Will you choose to lay all down at the foot of the Cross, where the Justness of God OVERWHELMS with LOVE? He SUPPLIED. If you’ve strayed, will you return? If you’ve never been, will you enter in?

You might not know all there is to know, nor do I. However, I do testify. I advocate FOR the GOD of all CREATION. His NAME I make RENOWN again.

El Elyon, the Most High GOD SENT His only Begotten SON, into space, matter, and time. He fixed the wrong brought on by wickedness. Holy Spirit indwells each Christ-follower, teaching us, how now we should live. Church, Christ’s Body here on Earth, arise, STAND, take your place in the Army of God. Speak and pray the WORD of God so the Angelic Host, who fight in the spirit realm on the Kingdom of Light’s behalf, will be fully equipped, victoriously.