Greeting the Day God's Way


This video contains a spontaneous prayer sung by me. Enjoy!

Good Morning Lord.

Thank you for the beautiful sunrise Lord. Your faithfulness is on display.

I praise You Lord. Give Yourself the Glory Lord. I praise You all this day.

You are El Elyon, The Most High God; ABBA Father You are to me.

Thank You Lord for Your Love.

Fill me up, Oh Lord, to overflowing so that I may have something with which to love your others.

Awaken the body of Christ; Teach us Your way. Oh Lord I pray that this day will glorify Your Name in all the earth.

Let everything that hath breath Praise You Lord. Let everything that hath breath seek You out.

Let Your will be done as in heaven on earth. Oh God, bless You and Your Perfect, Spotless Lamb this day.