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The wonderful thing about Scripture is every time we read it, we can see something new. We will never get to the end of it, for it is a living book.

In reading Mark 14 this morning I noticed someone, a certain young man.  The passage that I want to highlight is verses 50-52. The scene is Jesus' betrayal in the garden of Gesthemene where Judas has betrayed him with a kiss. The guards have taken Jesus and all who followed him forsook him and fled. 

I remember.

I remember the lights.



Shining through the lowered window shade

At night.


No siren.

I heard

Through the wall

My top bunk

His queen-sized headboard

Separated only by the wall.

I remember his breathing,

A repetitive pain,

In sync

With the rhythm

Of his heartbeat.

His breathing shallow.

I remember his sound

An enduring-through-suffering expression.

No complaint.

No “why me?”

No words.


I used to do nice things to get affirmation but that drained others because they didn’t have supply to give. We can’t get water from a leaky sieve. The world uses the term narcissistic, covert and overt; but God’s term is selfishness. We each go our own way. 

God’s taught me He’s the Source of my needs; To Him I must turn and He’ll supply everything for me. Only from Him will I get all I biblically need, then I’ll have supply to minister to others He’s called me to meet.

In Ashley’s Harvest Moon Café on a Wednesday morn, it happens to be St. Patrick’s Day, 2021. Drip coffee, refillable for free, and a coconut chocolate chip muffin warmed just right, starts my time of labor here instead of at home. I don’t thrive being alone.

I observe. People watching, one of my favorite pastimes, has drastically been denied. A plethora of people right before my eyes!

There’s a man with a cap that speaks of a sailor past; his silver crown hides his story. In the soft chair he reads for a few hours and leaves. I’ve not seen a soul speak with him.

PIckleball, the fastest growing sport in America (find your own statistics), I've played this very fun game. There's a kitchen we're supposed to stay out of. Double meanings everywhere. Addictive like many other substitutes for the REAL thing. 

We heard the sound of spiritual thunder. We didn’t know it at the time.

It was a sound I’d never heard before, the other two women didn’t recognize it either but we all heard it. It stopped our conversation, turned our attention, and caused us to peer out the window. One asks aloud the question, “What was that?” In the moment none of us had an answer. A flippant answer flashed through my mind like an inappropriate joke. Thankfully Wisdom’s been teaching me to keep my mouth shut.

We then returned to the reason for my visit, which was prayer.

When alignment is off, there's disorder, conversely, when alignment is right, there's order.

Take this morning for example. The garage door wouldn't go down when my husband was leaving for work. I noticed he'd come back in the driveway so I went to check because he hadn't come into the house yet. I told him I'd help and he went off to work. I had it working after a few adjustments, prayer and declaration.

Thank You, God, for the legacy of this chair.

And for all the prayers, prayed, sitting there.


Jesus speaks and Matthew records what he says in Matthew 11:6. "And blessed is the one who is not offended by me."

Is that you? Are you offended by Jesus? Are you not offended by him? If you're not offended by Jesus he declares you blessed.

When I was raising my children and a stay-at-home mom I learned something from a Focus on the Family broadcast that stuck with me. I think it applies to today. The broadcast dealt with cleaning your house. The woman made the statement that anyone, no matter who they were or how messy their house was, could get it clean in 7 days. Pretty bold statement I thought. She had a system written out on 3x5 cards. A system with daily tasks, weekly tasks, quarterly tasks and six month and annual tasks.


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